Access Control

Retrofit of Existing Doors

We have experience adding key strike locking to existing doors as well as auto retraction mechanisms to multiple brands of doors that did not come factory equipped for electronic access control. We have added access for customers that were told by others that the only option was to replace the doors. Mag locks are also a solution when trying to access control to existing doors.

There are multiple things to consider when choosing the type of locking mechanism for a commercial door. The main concern is what happens in an emergency, to avoid causing a safety hazard and whether or not the system must be tied in to an existing fire alarm system to meet local fire code. With key strike and auto retraction mechanisms you can avoid the safety hazard because the door can still be opened by standard method in the event of an emergency. Another consideration is what happens when there is a loss of power, if the locking mechanism fail safe or fail secure, if the door is locked or unlocked with the with loss of power. Mag locks have no locking ability in the event of loss of power past when the battery backup is depleted.

If in question we will be glad to discuss advantages and disadvantages of the different types of locking mechanism that can be added to your facility, to best eliminate safety hazards and provide the best available security.

Access Control Systems

Most types of doors and gates can access control added to them whether a walk through door, retractable garaged door or and electric gate. There are many advantages to having an access control system installed in your facility or at your location, from keeping up with who is in the facility and the time of access, allowing cleaning, maintenance personnel or customers access only at specific times. These systems also give you the ability to remotely unlock or open door from the office or while not on site.

Schools and other organizations are making things safer by being able to screen who is entering the building without having to have a dedicated security guard at each entry point. These systems also have the added advantage of keeping up with who is accessing the building after hours in the event of a problem.

We carry Ubiquiti’s UniFi-Access Controllers in stock and they make a great solution for many applications. Giving you the ability to grant specific access to individuals at specific times and giving you a log and video of the access. UniFi-Access is reasonably priced and verry easy to manage allowing the use of access cards, dongle or if chosen the use of a pin and UniFi Access has no monthly fee. This system is easily added and incorporated in to a UniFi Protect security camera system in order to give complete monitoring of locations.

We also install other access control systems for self storage facilities and other types of businesses that have accounting software or time keeping software to automate the customer or employee tracking and access process.

Most access control systems are within our capabilities if you have specific needs please contact us with what they are and let us give you a quote.

We would be glad to discuss any questions you have or give you a quote based on your specific needs. please use the Contact Page to get in touch.